Core Themes

“My So-Called Enemy” uses the Israeli/Palestinian conflict as a lens to talk about building bridges of understanding in our own communities.  It has been programmed in themed celebrations including Diversity Week, Women’s History Month, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and more.  Our film:

  • Features young women as change agents and role models for youth empowerment.
  • Provides a platform for multi-faith and multi-cultural understanding.
  • Offers a model for conflict prevention, resolution and transformation.
  • Celebrates diversity and inclusion, coexistence and the power of face-to-face humanity.
  • Addresses questions of identity, revealing the dangers of negative stereotypes and making assumptions about/creating an “other.”
  • Creates space for inclusive dialogue about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Target audiences

We recommend “My So-Called Enemy” for people ages 12+.  Here are some institutions and organizations that normally rent or purchase our film.

  • Middle Schools
  • High schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Churches, Islamic Centers, Jewish Community Centers, Mosques, Seminaries, Synagogues
  • Social justice organizations and peace and dialogue groups
  • Girls/youth empowerment and women’s rights groups
  • After-school programs/peace camps/foreign exchange programs
  • Public libraries
  • Conferences and symposia (conflict resolution, women’s rights, peace, etc.)
  • Corporations

Co-Sponsorship ideas for college and university campuses

Because “My So-Called Enemy” celebrates diversity, inclusion and the legitimacy of multiple narratives, we appreciate it when multiple groups co-sponsor our film screenings.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Relevant topics include:

Cinema/Film Studies • Diversity • Ethics • Global Studies • Human Rights • Intercultural Communications • Jewish Studies • Journalism • International Relations • Islamic Studies • Law/Mediation • Leadership • Media Studies • Middle East Studies • Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies • Philosophy • Political Science • Psychology • Religious Studies • Social Work • Sociology • Women’s and Gender Studies

Campus Offices

Dean’s Office • Multicultural Resource Center • Office of Diversity & Inclusion • Office of Inclusion & Intercultural Relations • Office of Multicultural Affairs • Office of Residential Life • Office of Religious & Spiritual Life • President Obama’s Interfaith Community Service Challenge

Campus Groups

Amnesty International • Associated Student Productions • Film Societies/Clubs • Foreign Language Houses • Hillel • Interfaith Youth Core • International House • J Street U • Middle East Studies Association • Muslim Students Association • The Olive Tree Initiative • OneVoice • Student Government Association