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Bring “My So-Called Enemy” to your community

Do you have ideas about how our film can have the greatest impact in your community? Not only for dialogue around Middle East peace, but as a conflict resolution tool celebrating diversity, building bridges of understanding, and empowering girls/women/our youth to be agents for social change?  If so, please contact us here.

Please click here for a list of our core themes, target audiences and venues where “My So-Called Enemy” normally screens.

Bring Lisa Gossels to your community   

Lisa’s greatest joy is teaching and being “in community” with “My So-Called Enemy.”  Please contact her if you are interested in inviting her to present “My So-Called Enemy” at your academic or religious institution, peace/multi-faith organization or youth/after-school program.  Lisa often spends two days and nights on college and university campuses, visiting classrooms and having meals with students and faculty, in addition to a film screening.